Reality blog award

A big thank-you to ( for nominating me for the new Reality Blog Award. Thanks for the kind gesture!

This award does not go with any specific “rules”. Instead each nominee can do whatever feels good to them, but I hope they will take the nomination as a sign of appreciation and encouragement.

A few questions to address if you want to or just pass on the award to your fellow bloggers…

  1. If you could change something what would you change? I wish I could change my mother’s life and death. She didn’t deserve that.
  2. If you could relive one day, when would it be? I don’t have any such specific moment.
  3. What’s one thing that really scares you? I am scared of flowing water.
  4. What’s the one dream you have not completed yet and do you think you will be able to complete it? To be a mother..planning going on.
  5. If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be? A person with a slim waist..:)

I nominate the following blogs I visit that inspire, shape, or reform me in some way .










7 thoughts on “Reality blog award”

    1. Thanks for the nomination. As per the rule, the award is for those who has less than 200 followers but as I have more my nomination stands cancelled… thank you anyway. I feel honored though for having been chosen.

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