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Cosmos mystery area…Rapid city

This is the weirdest and creepiest place I have ever been…the Cosmos Mystery Area located in the Black Hills of South Dakota, on our way to Mt Rushmore. Rather it was pretty cool to get disillusioned by the things happening inside this small shack. The area seems to defy gravity. Water runs uphill, tennis ball boomerangs back, shorter people looks taller and vice versa, people are not able to stand straight for some weird reason…

We saw the sign board on the way and decided to give it a try hoping to experience something new.  It was raining slightly that day and the road leading to the area too wasn’t very appealing.


Fortunately, the dirty muddy road came to an end and we saw a small gift shop and some trees strangely bent in a particular direction.

There was a gift shop at the entrance which sold the tickets for the. The guide explained to us that there is some sort of unexplainable vortex in the area that affects the trees and the buildings and everything around. She also gave us a brief historical background to the place as to how two college boys first discovered it in 1952 while searching for a place to build a summer cabin. They felt an unbalance in the environment and investigated it. Laws of gravity seem to have lost its balance in the area. Soon it was open for public viewing and has continued till date.

We are led to a tilted shack where things seemed to defy gravity. At the entrance of the shack the guide pours some water onto a tilted board and instead of flowing down as it normally should, it flows up the board. The whole thing seems to be mind boggling and unbelievable but everything was presented in a fun way and we enjoyed all through.



Then as we enter the shack we feel something strange pulling us in a particular direction. Everyone struggles to stand upright but is unable to do so. I suddenly feel slightly dizzy but we all are giggling and laughing and trying to click some pictures.  We all held to the railings at the side of the wall trying to move steadily but we all seem to be drunk. A tennis ball is thrown sideways but it comes back to the person.


Everyone gets a chance to try to stand straight at the wedge of a wall but we all look weirdly tilted. We seem to be ready to fly or fall headstrong on the floor. But strangely some invisible force seems to pull you up as if you are in space.



The balancing chair was the most interesting one. A child is asked to sit on a chair which is placed on the tiny ledge with only the back legs. It’s truly amazing to see how the chair didn’t topple over but remained suspended by its rear legs alone.

We are then led to a level plain outside the shack and asked to stand according to our heights. One tall person is asked to stand on one side of a plain and a shorter one on the other. Then they exchange sides. Strangely, they seem to have either increased or decreased in height…the most credible illusion I have ever seen.

Of course there must be some reasonable answers to these strange phenomenal occurrences but we preferred to believe the guide and not spoil the fun of it by trying to get deep into the secret of whatever the reality is. It was an amazing experience and one truly not to be missed.

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  1. firstly thank you for liking and following my blog. Secondly that house has just been placed on my list of must see things if I ever win the lottery. looks class… x

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