My Rendezvous with Sunrise

Morning glory


My heart was touched by your glorious greetings

As I stood numb admiring your first strokes on the earth.

I feasted on your magnetic beauty

As you rose from beneath the sky.


An unspoken communication took place between us

As I tried to capture you through my lenses.

With a mystical smile thou beamed through the turf

Glazing out hues of orange and red.


A precious privilege for the early risers

A blessing from the angels above

A celestial song buzzed around

Even in the stillness of the dawn.


23 thoughts on “My Rendezvous with Sunrise”

  1. Your sunrise photos are breathtaking and your poem captured my soul…it’s exactly how I feel witnessing a sunrise…wow, you get it! I’ll definitely be visiting again to see some more of your work!

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