An evening in Paris

On our way back from India, on 4th October, we decided to make a brief stop at Paris and Switzerland. It was a sudden decision, so not much planning was possible. We made some quick research work on possible places to visit but all went in vain. We had a pretty hectic 2 weeks schedule in India running around places and visiting families. Finally when we were leaving the country, the mood for Paris or Switzerland was almost a distant dream. At first we thought we wouldn’t make it and on setting foot in Paris the morning of 4th Oct, the rainy weather added to our gloom. However, we made the most of what we could and saw at least some parts of Paris…the city of lights.

We reached our hotel Ibis at around 10 am and asked for an early check-in but the room was not available and so had to leave our luggage in the locker. We did not have any warm clothes and the weather being pretty cold we decided to go shopping. The helpful man at the front desk suggested us to take bus no. 14 and go into the city but also warned us of pick pockets. However, once we were near the Notre dame the driver asked us to get down as it was the last stop. We decided to stroll around and see what we could but couldn’t detect a single clothes’ shop. We stopped at a restaurant and ordered two pizzas (small sizes). The Indian taste buds wanted more spice in it but the hungry stomach gobbled it.

It was past noon and so we decided to return to the hotel to check in and clean ourselves before venturing out again. After resting for some time, we decided not to waste the day and got out of the hotel. We wanted to take the same bus which stopped behind our hotel and then discovered a shopping mall right behind the hotel. It made us wonder why the helpful man at the desk never suggested to us and sent us way out into the city half an hour away. We bought ourselves two jackets (mine I got at the men’s section as the female section didn’t have any to fit my size…lol!!)

The weather was pretty gloomy and was pouring slightly. We headed straight to the Louvre museum and decided to spend the evening there. We strolled around clicking pictures but knew they wouldn’t come out good because of the bad daylight.

We bought ourselves two days pass for the hop on hop off bus (the blue one with 50 stops) but due to lack of time couldn’t fully utilize it. We got onto one to go to the Eiffel tower to enjoy the evening there. The first sight of the Eiffel tower wasn’t as awestricken as I was expecting. I felt it wasn’t as tall as I had imagined it would be. But the lighting had its own charm and I enjoyed the ride to the top. It was pretty cold and windy at the top and I needed to pee. I was surprised they had a toilet even at the top and decided to utilize it. My husband teased me that I peed from the top of the Eiffel tower. Sorry, I forgot to click a picture of the toilet too…:)

We enjoyed the night view of Paris from atop the Eiffel tower. After that we went straight to our hotel as it was pretty late and quickly fell asleep. Next morning we took another ride on bus 14 and stopped near the Notre dame. We took a walk around this gothic cathedral and joined in the long queue of people to view its interior. The architecture and the stained glass work inside this exotic cathedral were quite impressive.

We picked up a quick subway sandwich from right across the street and hopped onto a hop on hop off. We decided to tour the city in a relaxed way and clicked pictures all along enjoying the magnificent architectures of the city. We then returned to the Eiffel tower to view it in daylight and truly this time I was overwhelmed by its magnificence and beauty. I felt I could gaze at it forever.

We then hopped onto another hop on hop off and took another tour of the city stopping by at a few places to get closer clicks.

Tired and hungry we decided to look for some good restaurant.  Strolling around for a while we suddenly came upon an Indian restaurant. We decided to order a carry out. We got some onion rings which we enjoyed while on the bus top. For dinner we packed parantha and biryani which we had later in our hotel.

I was hoping to visit atleast one of the gardens but unfortunately couldn’t make it mostly due to the bad weather. I had read in a blog earlier that one must be prepared for rain when in Paris but as we were traveling extensively and by air too, we couldn’t keep an umbrella.

Paris…The city of light has inspired poets and artists for centuries, with its iconic art and architecture, cafe culture and air of romance. My 2 days hopping around allowed only a glimpse of this historical ancient city.

There are plenty of things to see and do. If luck favors again, hope to make another trip to this city in the future.


17 thoughts on “An evening in Paris”

  1. You could have been writing from my memories, and posting my pictures. I had a similar time in Paris last year 2011. We visited all the places you’ve pictured, and we too were exhausted with all the sights, walking, and too much to do in such a short time. It was lovely to re-visit via your pics…!

      1. We had one week, and could have had more…! There are so many wonderful places in the world to see, I doubt that we’ll go back however; the memories are sweet…

  2. Thanks for the nice pictures! I’ve been in Paris many times but do not have a lot of pictures because I was always working…the only time I had a whole weekend to wander around I got a cold…so thanks again!

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog. Paris needs many visits and a relaxed pace to enjoy the details. I did not enjoy my first visit as it rained continuously and all my photos were grey. Luckily I have enjoyed subsequent visits and discovered new and wonderful places… and the sun has shone.

    1. Yes, it was raining when we were there the first day. But the next day was all sunny. I have heard the rain in Paris is unpredictable and one need to be geared with umbrela or raincoat. We had none but tried to make the most out of the short time we had. It was fun when we look back..

  4. I just jumped off my chair, your fish-hook dropped down on the left of my screen – did not expect this, lol.
    Seen Paris a few times, Most of our trips from South India to Europe HAVE to go via Paris – even if it is just for a couple of days. Lovely night shot of Eiffel Tower – this one is as yet missing in our collection.

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