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Apple picking



A very unique experience it was indeed. Last Sunday we decided to go for apple picking in Jordan, MN. It was a perfect day for an outdoor activity with the sun shining and the sky all clear and blue. At the entrance we were charged a minimal of 2$ per person.

As we entered the premises I could view rows and rows of apple trees with hoards of apples lying on the ground. As this was my first time, I thought we would be asked to pick up apples from the ground.

 After parking the car at the parking area, hubby went to get a bag to collect the apples. As I waited in queue along with the others, I saw a small train with kids sitting in it and enjoying around. Hubby got the bag for 20$. The place was really cool. We could see lots of kids having fun jumping in the hay. Then a tractor came with two wagons attached to it and people sitting on them. I found the whole thing very well organised.

We found ourselves a seat and enjoyed the 5 mins ride to the orchard. It was a large farm though but we were allowed to pick only in a part of the farm. Along the way we could see the last few touches of Fall color and the first signs of winter…the dry trees.

Before we disembarked, the owner of the farm directed us as what to do and what not to do and what to expect on his farm. Then he left us carrying back the previous batch of apple pickers. He told us that he would be back to pick us up in 15 mins or we could walk back to our cars on our own if we decide to.

Seeing the innumerable apples lying on the ground made me feel sad of the wastage. But I looked up and caught sight of the juicy apples hanging and immediately got engrossed in picking apples.

Hubby was busy clicking photos and asking me to click his too. I ignored most of it as I was enjoying all along. I remembered Robert Frost’s ‘After Apple picking’ and realized that such a sight would definitely make one poetic.


What better fruit could the Snake give to Eve to seduce Adam!!! I always found the apples at the top, where I couldn’t reach, much more fresh and juicier as is human nature.

Hubby with our prize collections posing for a click.



I kept telling about the waste these apples have been to and so much wished they could be utilised in some way. Soon the truck returned to take us back. It took us round the farm and we enjoyed the view of the different kinds of apples they had on the other side of the farm. We were told we could get down and pick apples on that side too but we decided we had enough for the day and so returned. Overall it was a funfilled day for us. There were some songs and food items too in the office area and we bought ourselves some popcorn. Hope to check on it next year too.

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