A miraculous escape

“Miracles do not happen in contradiction to nature, but only in contradiction to that which is known to us of nature.”

We got a few snow showers in the last few weeks which were an indication of the advent of winter season. It’s not that I don’t like snow or winter but just the fact that it brought back to memory a chilling incident that happened to us 2 years back.
That dreadful day, we were returning from Escanaba, MI to Chicago, after having spent the long weekend of President’s Day traveling around Lake Michigan. We had a great time skiing at Treetop ski resort. We also visited the Mackinaw City and the frozen Tahquamenon falls. The weather forecast had warned travelers on that route of a snowstorm the previous night. However, that morning, as we left our hotel, the weather seemed to be quite pleasant. Just before reaching highway 41, following the google map, I directed my husband to take a wrong route (of course unknowingly). Soon I realized the mistake but we were almost 15/20 miles away. As we drove back, the weather seemed to turn gloomy.

 the doomed car

the road mistaken

Unfortunately for us, this was the first time hubby was driving on snow and had no knowledge of the hazards of snow till then. When we had left Chicago, the weather forecast showed a pleasant weekend ahead and no signs of snowfall anywhere along our route. To add to our gloom, we had not seen the forecast for green bay area that day.

snowfall on the way

the dreary road

There wasn’t much traffic on the way and so hubby confidently set the car on the cruise control mode (never do it on icy roads…a lesson well learnt). I was feeling a little uneasy for reasons unknown but I put my thoughts back and decided to take a nap. Hardly did I close my eyes when the car swirled to the left and as I opened my eyes to enquire what was happening, the car swiftly swirled to the right again and skid off the road to the ditch by the side. Were we lucky that the ditch was filled with fresh snow? Can’t say at all…

For the first time in my life I was glad I had my seat belts on when I found myself hanging upside down in the car. Dazed at the quick turn of events I looked around at hubby and found him in a similar position (seems so funny now). I was in a shock and so was hubby. However, he quickly searched for the mobile and tried to call 911. We tried to get out of the car but the snow seemed to have blocked the door. Luckily, we heard someone outside and found a man helping us out. He quickly led us away from our car and was generous enough to let us wait in his car till the police and ambulance arrived. I was shivering like hell not just because of the incident but also because I had my jacket off while inside the car. It was freezing outside. The Good Samaritan, who was just behind us, had immediately called 911 when he saw our car topple off the road. In about 10 mins the police and an ambulance arrived and we thanked the man and his wife for the kind gesture and shifted to the police car.

This was the first time I got a look at our car. I was horrified at the condition it was in and thanked god we got out of it without a scratch. The policeman took about 20/25 minutes to prepare the report and then he dropped us at a nearby gas station. Our car was towed away as it was in no condition to be driven.

Our misfortune continued further when even after several calls at our car agency, hubby couldn’t manage to get another car for rent. Because of the bad weather in that area, many flights were cancelled and it seemed people had taken rental cars to drive to their destinations. It was getting dark and we were stuck at the gas station for nearly 2 hrs now. The girl at the counter sensed our distress and like an angel from nowhere came to help us out. She went out of the way to call a cab for us to take us to a nearby hotel. We accepted her suggestion and decided to stay there for the night.
It was only when we reached the hotel room did we realize the dreadful situation we came out of. I burst into tears and was uncontrollable for some time. Hubby too was feeling sorry and guilty of having put me into such danger. But I consoled him saying that we were lucky to have got away so easily and for some unknown reasons, both of us had not a single scratch.
Next day, we went to the grey hound bus station in the hotel shuttle and headed back for Chicago. Once home we again thanked our fortunes of having lived to see another day even after such a harrowing accident. It was a miracle indeed.

After this incident, we try to abstain from driving during snow but for unavoidable circumstances hubby has made a thorough study of such situations. Its always better to stay prepared than wait for miracles to happen.

“To be alive, to be able to see, to walk…it’s all a miracle.”


20 thoughts on “A miraculous escape

    1. I was, for almost a month, even at the slightest shake of the car my heart beat used to speed up. Now its almost 2 yrs…d anniversay wud b on 21st feb 🙂 … am over it now but pretty cautious.

  1. That was one lucky escape, and I have no doubts you were being watched over and protected both of you… thank you for the sharing of the story and the excellent photos that went with it…
    Wishing you a warm November evening…

    1. Yes by the grace of god it was a miracle we got out without a scratch. We had to click those pics for the insurance as directed by the police officer. Thank you for the good wishes.

  2. I had a similar experience, though I was quite used to driving in the snow. But this one time, I was pulling a horse trailer, and because of the trailer, lost control in the snow, and the car turned over. It wasn’t ruined, just beaten up a bit. And I was with two friends who were on a very high level. They both laughed immediately when it had happened, and hearing their laughter, I laughed too. Who knows what I would have done if I was alone… perhaps I would have cried.

    1. Yes. When i look back now sometimes I too find it funny to think both of us were hanging upside down in our seatbelts. But the rest of it seems pretty scary with so many cars in front of us and behind us on the highway. Glad we didn’t get in the way of any of them. That surely was a miracle.

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