Snow storm Caesar on the go…

“It’s snowing, it’s snowing! Hey look it’s snowing! Snow is falling softly falling oh what a wonderland white and new! Snow is falling gently falling come on outside there’s so much to see and do!”


Its snow time again. After last year’s dryness, Minnesota finally gets to enjoy real winter again. So when the soft fluffy snowflakes started to accumulate, we couldn’t but step out early in the morning to catch a few good snaps of the area around us. So we bundled up in warm clothes and hurried outside to enjoy the first snowfall of the season. The trail which I frequented was covered in a white blanket of snow giving it a totally different view.

Click on a photo for slide show.

I had no reasons to sulk at this awesome beauty of god’s creation. It creates hazards when not careful and so does every other thing on earth.

So I drink deeply of the beauty,
the life that He’s surrounded me with.
And my heart goes on singing softly…. as softly as the snow!!!


11 thoughts on “Snow storm Caesar on the go…”

  1. What gorgeous photos! I just left Minnesota after visiting for the holidays and these photos make me miss it again! Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by Travel Oops and liking the post about Lake Minnetonka! Steph

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