Minnehaha Falls in winter Dec 2012

Yesterday we went to see the Minnehaha waterfalls located at the intersection of Hiawatha Avenue and Minnehaha Parkway. It was completely frozen though its just the beginning of winter. Though a danger sign warns people to stay away from the fall, there were people quite close up to the fall and so we too followed them and got some pretty good shots. The staircase leading down to the fall was full of snow and ice and pretty much slippery.

Tip:Click on a photo to view the slide show.


20 thoughts on “Minnehaha Falls in winter Dec 2012”

  1. When is the best time in winter itll be frozen, from Dec itself or Jan. is the a website to know upto date info on the frozen state, pls let me know, want to go this / next weekend itself after seeing these pictures…!

  2. when temp is sub zero for over a week’s time the water stays frozen and the best time is jan…but perhaps you might get to see it this weekend too as temp has been pretty low since the last couple of days.

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