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Chill in the Spring!!

Do I feel miserable? Well, hell yes. Its mid of April and yet have to walk through the snow as if its mid December, how else would I feel?  Seems mother Nature has forgotten to shine in this part of the world. Its supposed to be spring now but there is no sign of it. Last week when I was out for a walk, I happened to see a few birds playing around in the dry branches of the trees. That made me feel spring wasn’t too far away. I now wonder where the poor birds are. Surely they must be feeling miserable and wanting to go elsewhere or maybe already have. Here are a few shots taken this morning. You will know why am so miserable.


10 thoughts on “Chill in the Spring!!

  1. I am so pleased at last the snow here in the UK has gone, and the Sun is peeking tentatively out from behind the clouds.. Its still cold here with some high winds recently, but Spring is promising us to Spring forth at last..
    Loved the photos.. and hope your Spring soon arrives where ever you are .. Hugs Sue, enjoy your weekend xx

    1. I am from Minnesota waiting for some greenery and sunshine but seems snowman is too much in love with us and wouldn’t let go. Last year we were complaining of not getting any snow for the winter. Perhaps this is a compensation for it..:) Glad to know you are enjoying the spring. Hope we will too very soon. Hugs to you too and have a fun filled and safe weekend.

      1. 🙂 thank you for telling me I travel the world from my armchair LOL.. I so hope it melts very soon bringing armer weather your way.. Many thanks Enjoy! and Keep Warm.. xxx

  2. Each state has its own beauty – snow in the spring is one of the beauty of our northern states. Although I am always ready for spring, the last snow fall is as pretty as the first one of winter.

  3. Love this! This gives me an idea. I think once we hit the hot muggy days of summer I’m going to post some snow photos on my blog to cool us all down. Thanks for the inspiration!

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