South Dakota- Part 1

(Custer state park, Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse)
One of our longest road trips was the one we made on the Memorial Day long weekend of 2010 to South Dakota from Chicago. We covered a total 2,500 miles approx. round trip. There are many things to cover up in this trip and so I will have to make different posts for them.
South Dakota Trip Map

We started our journey at around 4 pm from Chicago on 4th of July 2010. Our first stop was Galena. After a little sightseeing and filling our bellies, we headed towards Albert Lea where we put up for the night. Next morning we headed towards Sioux falls which is located at the intersection of two major interstates, I-90 and I-29, . The cool water of the falls helped to beat the summer heat and we had some great time there. We rested in the park for awhile and enjoyed some snacks too.


From there we moved on to see the Corn Palace, an amazing work of corn art. The themes keep changing every year since 1892.Every spring, the exterior of the palace is completely covered with thousands of bushels of native South Dakota corn, grain and grasses that are arranged into large murals.



I got myself a cup, shaped like a corn from the souvenir shop :). There wasn’t much to see and do around and so after having a quick local made ice cream we headed towards our next destination… Custar state Park, where we put a tent for the night.

I say that’s the best part of making a road trip.. carry your home along with you.



Having “bhutta” and tea in the cup bought from the corn palace the next morning. After breakfast, we headed towards Mt Rushmore which was just about an hours drive from the park.


On the way we saw a bison by the roadside and stopped at a safe distance for a quick shot. The drive along the scenic Iron Mountain road itself was awesome.The road is famous for the “Pigtail Bridges” that allows travelers to drop or gain altitude quickly. The scenery along the highway is bewitching. The three rock tunnels are simply stunning.

IMG_3891We could see Mt Rushmore at certain points along the drive and the heads of the Presidents through one of the tunnels. I tried to capture a shot of it but as the sun was ahead of us, the dirt in the window screen was more prominent than the view ahead.

We reached Mt Rushmore by noontime. There was a huge rush as it was a long weekend but we managed to get a parking place. I was awestruck by the huge sculptures of the four famous US Presidents. The entrance was lined up with flags that gave an awesome view.



It took 14 years to build the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln in these mountains. There is a pathway that leads to a close view of the presidents and also a sculpture museum showing of all the tools used in the construction and also videos and pictures. We wandered along for awhile clicking pictures and admiring the sculptures.

Suddenly dark heavy clouds flooded the sky and we decided to leave. As we left the parking lot we were caught by a drizzle of passing showers. I took a last glimpse at the sculptures which seemed to be weeping in the rain.


We took the Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway while returning. With the sharp turns, low tunnels, and impressive granite spires, this was one of the most amazing road I had ever seen.


The drive was a little nerve racking too because of the height but had an amazing view. We stopped by the pine and spruce forests to get a few more clicks. We saw a couple of adventurers climbing up the pointed rocks.



Soon the clouds gave away and the weather seemed to be better. So we headed towards our next destination i.e. The Crazy Horse. I have written about it already and so I am putting up its link here

After leaving Crazy Horse we headed back to our campsite at Custer State park.

I will put the next part of this trip in another blog.


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