Grand Teton national park

This is one of the most magnificent place I have ever visited.On our way to Yellowstone national park we stopped at this spectacular place The Grand Teton national park. It is located in northwestern Wyoming just south of Yellowstone national park and just north of the town of Jackson.

the ethereal mountain landscape

Rising more than 7,000 feet above the valley of Jackson Hole, the Teton Range dominates the park’s skyline. Natural processes continue to shape the ecosystem against this impressive and iconic backdrop.



The Tetons are a prime example of fault-block mountain formation. When the earth’s crust cracked along a fault millions of years ago, the Tetons rose into the sky. The exposed crystalline rocks give these mountains their dramatic appearance in any season. The Grand Teton rises to 13,770 feet above sea level and 12 other peaks reach above 12,000 feet elevation.

the snake river

Running north to south, the Snake River winds its way down the valley and across this amazing scene.


Grand Teton National Park has abundant wildlife, but it is most famous for its populations of elk, bison (buffalo), moose and bald eagles. We were fortunate enough to see a herd of bisons.


This stunningly jaw dropping mountain peak is a wondrous playground for climbers, hikers, skiers, and nearly all other outdoor enthusiasts.

ready for a wild ride????
ready for a wild ride???

If you visit Yellowstone, this place is a must see. The park is definitely overshadowed by its big brother – Yellowstone NP. However, its magnificent panoramic views of the Grand Teton, Eagle Rest, and other peaks, beats even the Old Faithful and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Snow and glaciers on the steep slopes add to the range’s breathtaking beauty.



Crystalline alpine lakes fill glacial cirques, and noisy streams cascade down rocky canyons to larger lakes at the foot of the range. These lakes, impounded by glacial debris, mirror the mountains on calm days.


view from the visitor center

The weather was a bit cloudy that morning as we started and we also met with some heavy rains on the way but finally the sun did show up.

The weather can change rapidly in this mountainous region. Temperatures can plummet with little advance warning. Lightning is a real danger. Watch the skies, and if you hear thunder, take shelter within a structure or lower your profile to the sky.

After being stunned by this majestic natural beauty, we headed towards Yellowstone national park.


10 thoughts on “Grand Teton national park”

  1. It is a beautiful place! You should work these over in a graphics program. I’d like to do one and send it back to you so you can see the difference… They are stunning! That’s why I’d like to work on them. No charge! Just visit my blog. Please? LOL!

  2. Omg, I’m so jealous…I want to be there NOW! Have fun and thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with nature…Red Crow

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