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Yellowstone National Park- 2

…continuing with my trip to Yellowstone National Park.

Mammoth Hot Springs are a surficial expression of the deep volcanic forces at work in Yellowstone. Although these springs lie outside the caldera boundary, their energy is attributed to the same magmatic system that fuels other Yellowstone thermal areas. Hot water flows from Norris to Mammoth along a fault line roughly associated with the Norris to Mammoth road. Shallow circulation along this corridor allows Norris’ super-heated water to cool somewhat before surfacing at Mammoth, generally at about 170° F. It’s also one of the park’s most dynamic hydrothermal areas; its features constantly change.

These terraces are like living sculptures, shaped by the volume of water, the slope of the ground, and objects in the water’s path. They change constantly, and sometimes overnight—but the overall activity of the entire area and the volume of water discharge remain relatively constant.

Mudpots are thermal areas where water-saturated sediment (similar to clay) is affected by super-heated steam below. Rising steam forces its way upwards through the mud and ground water, bursting upwards sending showers of mud into the air, as if in a small explosion. Dragon’s Mouth Spring, part of the Mud Volcano area, is a mid-level attraction well worth a quick stop to see. Once a large mud dome, the mud volcano erupted to its shape today. You may smell this bubbling mud pot before you see it.

Yellowstone Lake

With a surface area of 132 square miles, Yellowstone Lake is the largest lake at high elevation (i.e., more than 7,000 ft.) in North America. It is a natural lake, situated at 7,733 ft. above sea level. It is roughly 20 miles long and 14 miles wide with 141 miles of shoreline.

This is truly one of the most amazing places on Earth.Yellowstone National Park is an excellent choice for a family vacation. With geysers, mud pots, wildlife, waterfalls, and so much more to see and do, Yellowstone Park offers something for everyone. From quality game viewing to spectacular geo-thermal features to stunning mountain views to beautiful waterfalls, Yellowstone should be on everyone’s bucket list…

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