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Where is the Spring?

I had been off WordPress for a while trying to reconsider and re-conciliate with the winter trauma of having to stay indoors doing nothing but cooking and watching TV. I didn’t feel like doing anything at all..not even wp. We thought the worse was over when yesterday it snowed again. The weatherman predicts its going to continue for awhile though spring is just round the corner. I feel sorry for dear hubby who has to commute to work in this despicable weather. I wish I could think something positive about the winter now but nothing comes to mind as I believe it has lingered on for too long. No sign of spring round the corner but heaps and heaps of snow piling up. Winter seems it won’t just let go.



Last year we hardly had any snow and we longed for a bit of  it so we could enjoy some winter activities. It’s been just the opposite this time. Perhaps its in human nature to be dissatisfied with anything and everything or rather too much of everything is bad. Whatever, I am sure all of us are eagerly waiting for some sunshine and warm weather.


I am reminded of a beautiful song from ABBA just to leave on a positive note.

Snow storm Caesar on the go…

“It’s snowing, it’s snowing! Hey look it’s snowing! Snow is falling softly falling oh what a wonderland white and new! Snow is falling gently falling come on outside there’s so much to see and do!”


Its snow time again. After last year’s dryness, Minnesota finally gets to enjoy real winter again. So when the soft fluffy snowflakes started to accumulate, we couldn’t but step out early in the morning to catch a few good snaps of the area around us. So we bundled up in warm clothes and hurried outside to enjoy the first snowfall of the season. The trail which I frequented was covered in a white blanket of snow giving it a totally different view.

Click on a photo for slide show.

I had no reasons to sulk at this awesome beauty of god’s creation. It creates hazards when not careful and so does every other thing on earth.

So I drink deeply of the beauty,
the life that He’s surrounded me with.
And my heart goes on singing softly…. as softly as the snow!!!