Peshawar Attack: A Letter from 8-year old Bilal to his Mother


Unbelievable how anyone who calls themselves human in the name of God or Allah can do this. We consider children as God himself and they killed God taking his name feeling no remorse and taking pride in their act. Hope they rot in hell.

Originally posted on Syed Ammar memoirs:


It was a bright and a very beautiful morning in the city of Peshawar. The mid-december brought with it really cold weather. The usual morning rush hour had started. Little kids carrying school bags which were bigger and heavier than themselves were coming out of their houses. They looked funny but cute. All the kids were wearing those warm woollen hats, gloves and warm jackets.  Some were waiting for their vans alongside their parents and crying too. The mothers were , as always, persuading their kids to go to school. Their usual comforting line would be,” Beta, it’s gonna be fun, you’ll enjoy with your friends at your school, and while returning I shall prepare for you a delicious meal.” Some kids were comforted by this, while others were not. Everything seemed completely calm. The Warsak Street was filled with little and big feets making there way to their school…

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